Why should you consider Sportraxs?

Sport Event Management system which also means less risk for you as an organiser as well as all participants and a better assessment of incidents on sport events.

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What is Sportraxs?

Sportraxs is a software system for managing different types of sport events. Besides its first class features, Sportraxs will create and help share your sport event online.

Leading edge technology

Sportraxs is a complete digital system with significant features like E-Safety Management, Live Tracking, Timing, Training & Coaching ect. stored in a digital archive and made available for everybody to use in a clean user interface. We offer other significant features on the cloud like Automated Content Notifications and Media Board for Photo association. All activities’ data is stored in the cloud, so you will understand that you have a complete digital overview per Athlete/Participant. Sportraxs is designed to be used from a Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop etc.


Sportraxs is a smart digital platform which can be used quite easily by your organization for one or multiple events. With Sportraxs you can handle all your sport event needs, your Event Mini Site for photos and results will be available from the moment you saved your first race, that’s all you need to start promoting and sharing your event.

You can setup the races to any particular need including enabling tracking with or without live leaderboard for example, promoting your event, sharing and send automated notifications etc.

If advanced insights are required for your favorite athletes or participants, for instance a real time comparison during the race, or should you want to see the results in a graphic? We can do that for you. You name it, it’s all a part of Sportraxs.
All your precious data will be stored securely in the cloud!
Keep in mind that you can work in Sportraxs with unlimited number of administrators for free.

E-Safety Management

What is a sport event with numerous participants without the possibilities to ensure all athletes’ safety! Well, Sportraxs as you may understand, has a complete integrated Safety Management system. Your (potential) participants can be tracked and monitored live for their own safety during all sport events, by using GPS trackers in combination with your platform. The E-Safety Management platform is flexible and you can easily adapt it to your applications needs. The result of the E-Safety Management is less risk for you as organiser as well as all participants and a better assessment of incidents on sport events. The E-Safety Management has been developed as a core feature which is natively integrated and easily usable.

Sportraxs in the Cloud

We have a good understanding of the sport event needs, that’s why we deliver Sportraxs in the cloud. With our cloud based features you are able to create, engage, deploy, assess, analyze and work securely wherever you are, whenever you want. To access your cloud all you need is a basic internet connection.
For Sportraxs in the cloud we guarantee minimal 99% availability.

Once you have chosen to use Sportraxs, you can create your own organization for free. In your dashboard you will find all your Events, Races, Media, Results and Analytics data. You will be able to share your Events and Races with all your participants and supporters ( followers ) straight away. Because the complete solution is web based, you don’t have to invest in IT anymore. With your unique User ID and Password you are able to work with Sportraxs in the cloud.

Why should I consider Sportraxs?

Sportraxs is a modern and reliable Sport Event Management system which brings you a giant step further than any other current systems which are on the market. Besides a modern look and feel, you will find leading edge technology which you can use for increasing your market shares. Functions such as Cloud based, E-Safety Management, Tracking and flexible reports are your starting point in Sportraxs.

So, Sportraxs today is especially developed for handling and managing your events in the future.

E-Safety Management

Live Tracking

Electronic Timing

Media Board

Content Notifications

Event Mini Site

Sportraxs enables flexible athlete centric features.

Add enhanced digital engagement and safety features to your Trail running, Mountain Biking and many other outdoor sport events.


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